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Your dog is not a wolf!
0 Comments19,Jan,2018

Research shows that through domestication, dogs have evolved from the mainly carnivorous diet of the wolf. l SBoice, Bigstock.com Your dog is not a wolf! (Pet food companies, take note) July 17, 2017 Ryan Yamka A trip down the pet food aisle in any brick and mortar store (and even searching ecommerce sites) can be […]

Do Grains Impact Skin and Coat Quality?
0 Comments19,Jan,2018

Andrea Gantz Do grains impact digestibility, pets’ skin/coat quality? August 22, 2017 Ryan Yamka As many of you are aware, the main focus of my blog is debunking pet food myths and misconceptions that may have started out as folklore, erroneous interpretation of data or confused consumers seeking advice from blogs of people with no veterinary […]

Pet Nutrition is NOT About High Protein
0 Comments19,Jan,2018

The color of the lawn may indicate whether a dog is getting excess protein in its diet, and the quality of that protein. l Andrea Gantz Pet food nutrition: it’s not just about high protein July 24, 2017 Ryan Yamka   As discussed in my previous blog post (“Your dog is not a wolf! Pet […]